About a Writing Article About Writing Rules

I read an article about writing the other day. That’s a good thing to do as a writer, isn’t it? Learning is brilliant. Hearing what someone else has to say is wise.

But …

This article said you were to NEVER emphasize something with all caps. Why not? Doesn’t it do a good job emphasizing your point?

dont obey all the rules

Perhaps it looks unprofessional in fiction novel or a very structured non-fiction, but in a blog post you sure CAN. Actually, you probably SHOULD!

How else will you know I rolling my eyes if I don’t do T h I s? It gives expression. You can write it out:

“How will you know I am rolling my eyes?” Pat asked as her eyes rolled demonstratively.

Oh, yes. That’s much better (NOT!)!!

I LOVE expression. I REALLY do. I think it is fun to read with the author’s emotions and “tone” coming across.

I love being silly, too. But many writing books will warn against such a thing.


I really want to know. Why?

Are they afraid the reader might have a great time reading what you’ve written? Are they uncomfortable with CAPS and ITALICS and sIlLineSS?

Maybe that’s it.

Thank goodness I am not. I would NOT want to be so stuffy that I couldn’t let my hair down when writing (or my eyes roll). Maybe that comes from spending years writing materials for children’s ministry. It’s hard to be stiff when you are writing a puppet skit using Mercy Monster and Sunny (also a monster). It’s hard to be serious when you are writing theme parties complete with games and crafts and skits and silliness.

I guess it stuck.

I’ll be careful of most of the writing rules. But some of them I laugh at!

Do you obey ALL the rules? True confession, please.

Writing against the rules (at least some of them),

Patricia Meyers
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2 thoughts on “About a Writing Article About Writing Rules

  1. That’s funny you read that in an article. I just watched a self-pub video last night where the speaker said your book title should be in ALL CAPS. Hmm. Guess it DEPENDS on where you use it.

  2. “They” don’t like exclamation points either!!!!! And I love them. e.e.cummings didn’t use captial letters…at least not in his name. And he did OKAY. (CAPS are sooooo much fun.) Ah, phooey, rules are for breaking, right?

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