The Three-Bucket System

Recently I listened to Jeff Goins speak for a Self-Publishing summit. If you don’t know Jeff Goins, he has a blog called and is the author of The Art of Work and other books. During the summit, he gave a great idea to keep the cycle of writing moving along.

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Discussing Dialogue

Often we, the Paddle Creek Writers Group, meet at St. Louis Bread Co (called Panera Bread in other areas) to write and chat and eat and pretend we are writing.

This was the case on a recent Thursday afternoon/evening.

Behind me were two young men having a conversation. I could not tear my ears away. Continue reading

About a Writing Article About Writing Rules

I read an article about writing the other day. That’s a good thing to do as a writer, isn’t it? Learning is brilliant. Hearing what someone else has to say is wise.

But …

This article said you were to NEVER emphasize something with all caps. Why not? Doesn’t it do a good job emphasizing your point? Continue reading

Live and Learn (Part II)

Today I have a great deal of compassion for the harried rabbit in “Alice in Wonderland.” He ran around all chicken-without-a-head like shouting “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.” This entry was to have been done by 6 AM this morning and—I put it off until the last minute—and had a crisis and now I’m late. The crisis involved dog, eye, vet, medicine and hopefully—healing. However, it also has made me crazy as I cannot abide being tardy for anything. Continue reading

Live and Learn

Years ago, when I lived in Tokyo (the one in Japan not the one in Los Angeles), a friend and I bought tickets for a charity event  to tour the ten most beautiful private gardens in the city. The thought of being up close and personal in such loveliness had us in a high state of anticipation for days. We learned our excitement was justified. Continue reading

My Space

This day did not start out as it should. At this moment I am supposed to be cozily ensconced at St. Louis Bread Company with my writer friends Bev and Michelle, writing a blog post. Okay, so I am writing a blog post, but mostly I am thinking about what happened before I started writing. Continue reading

Research, if you dare (rhymes with rocket’s red glare)

The other night as my husband and I set out on a stroll around the neighborhood with our dog, Dora, we found ourselves in the midst of a celebration featuring fireworks. Never have we seen so many displays of pyrotechnics; which to my mind is equal to setting fire to piles of cash as an invitation to encouraging a law enforcement visitor.  Our little town forbids any fireworks other than hand-held sparklers and firecrackers. What are we if not a nation of independents with a history of law bending and breaking? Don’t like the tax? Have a tea party. Think the monarch sees the colony as his personal cash cow and sets unreasonable goals and tasks from afar? Get a hundred or so of your closest buddies together and sign an animal skin. Call it the Declaration of Independence and be prepared to stake your life from the moment you give it your John Hancock. Continue reading