Tomorrow…The End

It’s just past midnight and my eyes are glazing over. The Mad Men marathon on AMC is addictive and I am now officially hooked. It’s a shame I turned it on, because today was my deadline for finishing the procrastination article. 

Actually, until Don Draper appeared on my TV screen, I was making good progress. I had come up with an idea, done some research, outlined my thoughts and typed a title— 17 Sure Fire Ways to Keep From Procrastinating on the computer.  Unfortunately, at that point. I decided to relax for a minute and switched on the television. Just to unwind. Big mistake.

I may be able to start the article tomorrow if I can tear myself away from the television. But right now I need to pop some popcorn cuz it looks like it’s going to be a long night. I promise you, tho, that you are really going to enjoy the 17 things I’m going to tell you about. Eventually.



2 thoughts on “Tomorrow…The End

  1. You could write a how- not- to- book on procrastination just by making notes on what you do during a week. It would be fun to do and funny for the rest of us.

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