Blogging a Novel Part 1

I’ve done lots of reading on writing, marketing, and different ways to build a writer’s platform. I’ve read pros and cons to blogging a book, whether fiction or non-fiction.

You can visit to see it. Why did I decide to blog Heir Force? Mostly to force myself to get some work done, to keep the book going and maybe build a small following. My following is small, but that’s okay. I have been blogging Heir Force for nearly a year now. I started with 4 followers, people who know me. I now have 130 followers. No big number by any means, but I don’t advertise, rarely visit other blogs and only post 2-3 times a week, mostly without pictures.


Blogging notes

Blogging notes

My other job is homeschooling my three oldest children. That takes a little of my time. Then the youngest goes to preschool and when she’s home, she needs some Mommy time! So, I am only a part-time writer who longs to be full time. That time will come soon enough.

I am having fun blogging my book and ‘meeting’ readers from all over. Occasionally I visit you, Dear Reader, but don’t be hurt if I don’t. My days are busy and I try not to spend all day on the computer. And when I read a book, I prefer to hold it, not look at this screen any longer than I already do.

Next time, I will share what I’ve learned about blogging a novel and what I would do differently.

Do you read novel blogs? Can you share them and what you like/don’t like about them? Our readers might like to know about them. Share in the comments.









5 thoughts on “Blogging a Novel Part 1

  1. I’m not currently working on a blog book, but I have created a blog with correlation to a work of fiction I’m getting published. I know there’s a lot of work and not much time. I think what you’re doing is admirable. Can’t wait to read it!

  2. Enjoyed hearing how you manage your time. I am struggling with my time management and this is helpful. Looking forward to what you will share next. Thanks Michelle


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