How to Do a DIY Retreat Part II

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Other ways to do a retreat would be to set up childcare for a full Saturday or Sunday and with goals in hand, write at a local café or library. If children aren’t a concern, maybe go to a local hotel for one night and check in early and check out late to get the most of a quiet place to write.

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Cookbook Author!

20150517_210310In the world of my publishing a cookbook, things got crazy in a hurry. The girls thought it a wonderful idea and before the idea could even gel in my mind it started gaining momentum. It needed a name, a format and a platform (whatever that was), and by the time I packed up to leave, it seemed I was all for it. I went home and began thinking about what my cook book should look like. Going through the massive document on Word I realized I would never get it done if I didn’t chop it down into manageable sections. I knew I couldn’t visualize further without giving it a name. I thought back to all the time I spent in the kitchen with my grandma, all the dinners I had experimented on and all the times something I made got requested. Continue reading

Me? A Writer?

20150517_140043Thirteen years ago a friend at church mentioned she and another writer were starting a writer’s group. Before I could even think I blurted “Oh, I have always loved to write.” Even though I am the only original member left in our little group and we have evolved into Paddle Creek Writers, I still remember sitting with those two dynamic women and wondering how I could aspire to being a real writer. In a couple of weeks we added Bev and Pat to our mix, followed soon by Michelle. Other members have come and gone but we four remain. If not for Pat, Bev and Michelle, my loose-leaf collection of recipes would still be sitting dormant on my lap top. Continue reading

In the Beginning

To my Grandma Mabel, cooking was an expression of love and caring. As I stood at her elbow and watched her mix, measure, chop and stir; I became fascinated with how food went together to send a message. As a wife, mother and grandmother I still enter the kitchen with the purpose of not only filling the tummies of the ones I love, but also of sending a message of how much I care about them. Continue reading

Tomorrow…The End

It’s just past midnight and my eyes are glazing over. The Mad Men marathon on AMC is addictive and I am now officially hooked. It’s a shame I turned it on, because today was my deadline for finishing the procrastination article. 

Actually, until Don Draper appeared on my TV screen, I was making good progress. I had come up with an idea, done some research, outlined my thoughts and typed a title— 17 Sure Fire Ways to Keep From Procrastinating on the computer.  Unfortunately, at that point. I decided to relax for a minute and switched on the television. Just to unwind. Big mistake. Continue reading

Tomorrow, Part Two

It’s Tuesday…way past my bedtime and here I sit hunched over my laptop trying to meet my Paddlecreek deadline. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. I had a clever take on procrastination about 3 a.m. this morning and just knew I’d remember it when I woke up. Of course, I didn’t. And then I got a call from a friend asking if I wanted to go to lunch. Of course, I did. So, good intentions aside, I jumped into my car, thoroughly enjoyed my fish and chips and tried to put writing out of my mind. It was later than I anticipated when I got home, because  we decided to stop at Target to see if they had red straws—don’t ask.

I’d have written this when I got home, but had to made a quick supper and  get ready for my grandson’s band concert. He’s graduating from 8th grade and this was his last concert with the band he’s been with since 4th grade.  Remind me to tell you about my brilliant and talented grandchildren sometime. I probably could have gotten this written after supper, but my nails looked terrible, so…..

The internet is such a comfort, and there are really great ideas floating around out there in cyberspace about how to overcome procrastination. I plan to share some of them tomorrow after a meeting I’m committed to go to. But for now, I am really tired, so think I’d better get some rest. Good night!!


Is It Tomorrow Already? Part One

owl and books

In our writing group, although we all love to write, each of us excels at something different. Susan is the master of witty rejoinders—laugh out loud quips and detail.Plus she writes a whale of a cookbook. Pat hones her many talents writing for youth, inspiring us with her blog and drawing us into her thoughts with clever word play (did I mention she also has a passion for children’s ministry?). Michelle is the calm voice of reason…assuring us that we can be wild and crazy because “it’s only fiction.” Plus she blows us away with her tenacity as she blogs her novel.

What then, you may wonder, is left for Beverly to do? I have a unique place in Paddlecreek Writers as I am the resident procrastinator. It is a skill I can, with modesty, proclaim I have perfected. I want to spend some time with you discussing my specialty, but The Book Thief is coming on TV tonight and I have to watch. We’ll talk more tomorrow. 🙂