Writing Can Be Therapy

Sometimes I just need to write with a pen and hear that scratch against the paper while I pour out my thoughts and/or feelings and/or dreams and/or goals.

writing with tea

Sometimes I need to ponder a truth from the Bible while writing. It makes more sense to me when I write it out and spill my thoughts on paper than when I just ponder inwardly.

Sometimes I need to sort out my upsetedness or worry or frustration by writing it all out. I can begin in anger and end in peace and smiles. See — therapy.

I know everyone is not a writer, but I think it is a lovely thing to try. Journals are sold in every single store, it seems. And pens come in every size, style, color and design. Choose one that makes you smile and just doodle your thoughts away. Draw a sketch, a scribble, a swirly ribbon. Fill in the open spaces with ink while you think. And then jot your thoughts.

It doesn’t have to make sense. Enjoy spilling it.

It doesn’t have to have a beginning, middle and end. It isn’t a novel. It might be a novel thought. But it doesn’t require structure.

It doesn’t have to come to full resolution. It can be open-ended. You can simply pose the question if that is where you are. Don’t force anything. Just write down what comes out.

Do that for a few months and see what starts coming out of your pen. You might be surprised. You might be thrilled. You might be scared!

It doesn’t matter. Just write it out. Let it out. Spill it.

Enjoy it.

Sometimes you find yourself on paper. It is a lovely thing.

Pat Meyers
Writer of words

Visit Pat’s blog here.



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