No Prompt Writing VI

(Continued from 4/14/15)

Pat slogs onward

No, pearls and diamonds are not going to cut it. I lost myself there for a moment with thoughts of shopping. Even If I had an unlimited credit card, I still will be trapped on a very finite vessel. So, I go out for some air. You know, for a walk. Oops, there’s the end of the boat, so I take a left. Oops, there’s another side! Geez!! I’ll go up a deck. What? Did I think it would be bigger up here? It isn’t.

Perhaps a visit to the food buffet. Those are legendary on cruises.

Great-I’m trapped on a finite vessel, with infinite numbers of creatures swimming below and around me, gorging myself on an unlimited supply of rich fattening foods, with extremely limited area for walking.

What the heck is he thinking? Seriously?

I he suggesting this as a prank knowing I will freak out? Is he?

If I found out he has reserved a beach house on a golden shore within walking distance of a farmer’s market and some lovely cafes but told me this, I will be furious! Actually, I am furious now just thinking about him possessing that kind of diabolic humor.

I need to think of something to get him back. I’m sure it’s a prank.

Well, an eye for eye I’ve read in the Good Book.  An eye for an eye…what would cause him trauma equal to what he has put me through? Hmmm.

Wait! I have it. I will…

And Michelle brings it home

drag him to my next scrapbooking convention with all the paper, stickers, embellishments and female hormones. Imagine all the supplies I could buy after I get off this blasted boat! I could finally get my supply closet & craft shed set up like I’ve dreamed, I could paint the walk-in lovely lilac & sunny yellow. I can store all my paper out of the sun so it doesn’t fade In spots. I could hang all my sticker packs on rotating racks. No more digging through bins& tubs to find just the right one to finish a page.

Then I could leave out my current project all the time, even if it was dinner time, The peace & quiet would be soothing.


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