No Prompt Writing V

The No-Prompt which turns into a prompt


Susan kicks this one off:


The other day my husband mentioned he would like to go on a cruise because as he said “I like the idea of being out on the water.” The more I thought about it the more certain I became that I did not want to be on a boat with only water in sight. I saw Water World. I have seen All is Lost. I love the ocean, don’t get me wrong, but I love the ocean from the seashore. There are a lot of icky, creepy and scary things in the ocean, I also saw Finding Nemo. Things in the ocean have sharp teeth, prehistoric looking bodies , googly eyes and long slimy things with suction cups that can mire a submarine on the bottom of the ocean. I saw the series, I can’t think of the name, where the submarine has windows in front to watch the underwater creep show.

I truly can’t think of anything more terrifying than shopping in a ship’s mall while creatures are preying and eating under my feet. Should that boat…

Bev picks up


Oh, wait a minute. Well, actually I can think of one thing more terrifying. Shopping in the ship’s mall while creatures are preying and eating under my feet and not having enough money to buy anything.  After all, even if there are creatures , the ship should be strong enough to withstand their onslaught.  But what if you found the perfect tanzanite ring and your credit card was maxed out? How’s a girl supposed to deal with trauma like that?

Oh sure, the fish could flap their big slimy lips together and hope the ship would capsize and that they would have gummy little human feet for appetizers. But in reality that probably wasn’t going to happen. But if my husband really wants to take a cruise, on the ocean, over all those creatures, he’s going to have to come up with a good-great-really stupendous bribe. Googly eyes and nightmare inducing faces aside, I can be bought for the right price. If he wants to see the Carribean, he’ll have to come up with some quality inducements. Pearls? Diamonds? An unlimited credit card? Sure, that’s going to happen.


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