No-Prompt Writing Prompt

The title of this post may sound strange, but read on for an explanation.

A couple weeks ago, our little writer’s group was in a writing slump. We couldn’t decide on a prompt, so we each started just writing whatever came to mind for ten minutes, then we moved our notebooks to the left and continued with whatever each of us had come up with. For the next couple weeks we are going to share those words with you. You never know what may come out when you are forced to continue writing on someone else’s thoughts; some of these came out quite funny. We hope you enjoy them and find ways to keep your own writing journey going.

 Michelle started:

Today was one of those days when my writer’s group couldn’t decide on a prompt. I think partly because it was still winter and we were getting pretty sick of it. And partly because we haven’t all been together and just wanted to chat and laugh. Nothing wrong with that of course. So we decided to all write a different prompt about whatever came to mind. So since nothing is coming to mind, this is going to be the worst prompt ever, because it really isn’t about anything except not being able to pick a prompt. Maybe we should write a sequel to our prompt book with prompts we would like to write about. What a novel idea.

But today is not going to be the day to start it. We would need prompts to get us prompted to start a new book on prompts and I don’t know where the prompts would come from.

 Susan picks up:

Ok, I know where they would come from: our brains. Susan sitting on my left will write something on the ocean and being on a cruise ship while fish murder other fish under her feet. Bev will probably write something from her colorful past and tell the story in a most charming way.

Now Pat, we are never sure about what will be her topic of choice. It could be about being a grandmother or telling a story about the trials a young girl faces. You see, we are no experts on prompts. We haven’t agreed on a prompt in ten years. Most of the time we would rather play Monopoly Deal (a card game). You learn a lot about a person playing this game. Nice, quiet unassuming Michelle would just as soon slice your jugular with the edge of Park Place or Boardwalk. (Gasp!)

Bev, chatty and a little ditzy is really a mastermind at subterfuge and the ditzy act is really a ply to keep the other players off balance while she hoards Deal Breakers to slap or smack down. If there is a mob boss of Monopoly Deal, Pat would be her. She rules the game with an iron fist and cool manipulation.


Next time, I will continue with Bev’s addition, followed by Pat wrapping it up. As you can see so far, this prompt is all over the place. This is what makes them so fun.

Until then, keep writing!



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