No-Prompt Writing Prompt

The title of this post may sound strange, but read on for an explanation.

A couple weeks ago, our little writer’s group was in a writing slump. We couldn’t decide on a prompt, so we each started just writing whatever came to mind for ten minutes, then we moved our notebooks to the left and continued with whatever each of us had come up with. For the next couple weeks we are going to share those words with you. You never know what may come out when you are forced to continue writing on someone else’s thoughts; some of these came out quite funny. We hope you enjoy them and find ways to keep your own writing journey going.

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Writing begets writing

Things beget things — like themselves. You know:

Dogs beget dogs.

Oranges beget oranges.

Persimmons beget persimmons.

Kindness begets kindness — when you do something nice for someone, they want to return in kind.

The same is true for writing. When you spend time writing, you want to spend more time writing.

When you write one day and then the next and then the next; well, the next day you wake up with a great blog post idea or the answer to your character’s dilemma or the location of your character’s trauma or … you get the idea.

Writing begets writing.

Do you want to write? Write, then. Then you’ll write more. Then you’ll want to write more. Then you’ll write again.

It’s really fun. I just love it. I’m sure I’m not alone in that feeling.

Pat Meyers




Writing Reveals Something

I love the movie Sabrina. Not the old one, the remake with Harrison Ford and Greg Kineear and Julia Ormond. Seriously, I love it. When it first came out on video (yes video) I cannot tell you how many times I watched it. Perhaps it spoke to me about the power we have to change our future.  Continue reading