A Day in the Life of…


A Day in the Life of…

February. Yes, folks, it is February again. The first day of which the groundhog will assuredly see his shadow, whether he does or not is irrelevant because winter is never going to end.

I am living a Groundhog Day much like Bill Murray in the film of the same name. I get up every day and do the same things hoping for a different result. Who was it that said that is the definition of insanity? This is also irrelevant. My point is simple. It is hard to change habits in the middle of a freeze.

Have you ever been caught in a loop without the oomph to throw yourself out of it? Been there, done that and refuse to buy the t-shirt. Just this afternoon, I realized the last week of January passed without me producing something to post in this blog. No biggie right? Wrong. I have been in a mid-winter slump feeling so sorry for myself and so bored with it I ignored my own reminders to get writing. Sigh.

Each fall it seems harder and harder to enjoy the colors and milder days because I am dreading winter so much. Through the holidays it is okay but that long slow slide past the New Year and rounding the corner into February, I struggle to stay motivated, sociable, and positive. Eeyore on downers is better company that I am.

What I need from you is …oh heck, I don’t know what I need. What do you think? Do you have the same struggles with winter? What do you do to stay positive when the clouds are hanging low, the landscape is more colorful on the moon and the thermometer is wearing long johns?


3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of…

  1. I start a new writing project! Or continue a new one by making goals or incentives (for a Starbuck’s hot cocoa!) to keep me going. Or, I start reading a new writing or marketing book I haven’t been able to get to yet. (I’m reading James Scott Bell’s How to Make a Living as a Writer, and another book about Scrivener) Or, I dream of sunny days and what I’m going to plant in the garden. Don’t let the gray skies and low temps keep you down!

  2. I am “caught in a loop without enough oomph to get out of it!” My motto last month seemed to be “looking for oomph in all the wrong places!” 🙂 January wasn’t very productive, but I”m hoping for some power writing in February. Thanks for a smile on a cold cloudy day, Susan.

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