Wasn’t it just Christmas?

Holiday Season 2014

Here we are; it is the holiday season again. Didn’t we just celebrate Christmas the other day?

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Didn’t we just set goals for 2014?

Wasn’t it just summer?

But the reality is: I am shopping for gifts for my dear ones, packing and shipping boxes, and planning menus for gatherings. And loving every minute of it.

We welcomed a new grandbaby this year and are expecting a new one in March of 2015, which will bring us to a lovely number of 5 grandchildren. After a long pause, we are back in the toy department for gift buying. It looks like we will be there for many years to come. And we are loving every minute of it.

Every year, as we approach the date for our Paddle Creek Writers’ Group Christmas Luncheon, I work on my goals for the next year.

I start with reviewing my goals for 2014. How did I do? What did I accomplish? How close did I come to 100% achievement? What needs to move over to 2015? What needs to be deleted completely?

The good news is that I didn’t do that bad. The main goals were met with flair. My main writing goal was making my novel, Caitlin’s Summer Adventure, available in paperback. That happened in the Spring. You can see the proof by clicking here.

A couple of the minor goals were touched upon and can be realized in full with a little effort. I got my blog started, but will do a big launch in January.

The luncheon is on the 20th. I’ll have my goals ready by then.

With that thought in mind, I am looking ahead to 2015 — a new season of life. My husband will be done with school, I have closed the door on a couple of major projects, we have an empty nest, and we are ready to surge ahead in the New Year. We have plans for our household, plans for our physical health, and I have plans for my writing life.

And, at the risk of being redundant, we are loving every minute of it. Truly loving it. Well, we are actually anxious for the next season, but loving it nonetheless.

What is life without a goal or something to strive towards or dream of? Dull, that’s what. I’m not a fan of dull.

I like bright and colorful and exciting. I like whimsy and crazy and pattern-filled. I like surprises and adventures and unknowns. I like trying to new things and meeting new people.

I think I am on my way to my 2015 goals: new things, new people, whimsical writing, pattern-rich blog posts, and adventures.

You have 2015 plans? Anything crazy on your list? If so, share it with us! If not, put it on there!

Holiday blessings to you and your dear ones,

Patricia Meyers
Caitlin’s Summer Adventure


2 thoughts on “Wasn’t it just Christmas?

  1. Christmas does seem to come faster each year. And I also love to plan, shop, etc. But I also like to reflect on the past year and think about goals for the next. I will do that soon. New calendars, new planners, new goals. Right up my alley.

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