6 Tips for Getting More Writing Done

Many days writing time seems to slip through my fingers as the day goes on and I don’t get to it. Other days I write with no problem. I wish my writing time was more consistent, but my life is busy with four kids and their activities. No two days are ever alike.


As a mother and a homeschooler, my time for writing is at a premium. I do get the chance to get away for one or two afternoons a week and most Saturday mornings when our Paddle Creek Writers Group meets. I love getting together with the group for laughter, encouragement and support. Often we write a prompt to get our writing muscles going for the day. And sometimes we make yearly, monthly and weekly goals to motivate us to write.

Here are six tips to get more writing done:

  1.  Decide what to work on ahead of time to maximize your writing session
  2. Gather all your materials together including books, magazines, or other research or resources needed
  3. Double check the place you’re going (if you won’t be working at home) to make sure it’s compatible to your needs (temperature of building, WiFi availability, noise level, food permitted, etc.)
  4. Break down large projects into smaller pieces to keep you going (everyone likes to check things off their list)
  5. List goals to help you stay on track and check your progress
  6. Make a plan for the next writing session and repeat

Do you have an easy or hard time to write? Do you have tips to get more writing done? Please share your thoughts and tips in the comments!




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