6 Tips for Getting More Writing Done

Many days writing time seems to slip through my fingers as the day goes on and I don’t get to it. Other days I write with no problem. I wish my writing time was more consistent, but my life is busy with four kids and their activities. No two days are ever alike.

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My Big Blank White Marker Board Brain

Writing is a trip. I mean REALLY! I launched a personal blog: ww.PatriciaMeyers.com and it knocked the wind out of me. Truly, no wind left in my sails.

I could not make a decision about the theme. Then the header. Then the voice. Then the purpose. Then the posting schedule.


Have you ever seen a really, really big white marker board? Well, that was my brain the past few weeks. Large and white and blank and shiny (well, it wasn’t really shiny).

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