Want to come for tea?


Come for tea

There are so many things to write, whether you are a writer as a profession or not.

But I must say, I think the most lovely thing to write is an invitation.

Could you join me for tea? Want to have lunch? Can you come to a dinner party?

Celebrate a birth with us, or a marriage, or an adoption!

It’s a surprise party! A birthday party! A bon voyage party! A welcome home party!

Our soldier is coming home!

Our daughter graduated!

We bought a house! or a farm! or an RV!

Celebrations are landmarks in life.

Or perhaps it is an event marking a passage.

Or perhaps it is a “for no reason” event. Those are wondrous impromptu get-togethers filled with fun, laughter, and memories.

Whatever the occasion, an invitation is a fabulous piece of mail. Regular mail or email.  A smile breaks out from one cheekbone to the other. You rush to look at your calendar with soaring hopes that the box is empty so you can gregariously say “YES! I’ll join you!”

An invitation. Lovely.

What can you invite someone to today? My table is ready for tea. I’m happy to pull out another cup or six.

Pat Meyers



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