For the Love of Typewriters, Books, and Words

Editor’s Note: This is a repost from our other blog, Bredrums.  I found this in my folder and thought some of our new readers might enjoy hearing my early passion for words and books.


I have always loved books and words. Even longer than I can remember, apparently. I was at my parent’s house for dinner recently and was asked by a guest if I had always wanted to write. Before I could answer her, my dad answered, “Yes.” He explained that when I was two, I wanted a ‘high piter’ (typewriter) and that when I was three and four, I could read words on the billboards around town.

This was the first time I’d ever heard this bit of news and it took me by surprise. How does a two year old know what a typewriter is and what it does? Did I know it was used for writing stories? I have no idea. I don’t even know if I knew anybody that had one….I need to get more details from my parents. It was startling to hear this in my 40s.

My standard answer to the question have I always wanted to write used to be, “Since the 4th grade when a friend and I had competed against each other to read the most books. We were required to read four books a month, but she and I read over a hundred that school year. We also watched a movie about either Judy Blume or Beverly Cleary (I can’t remember which) and her life as an author and how she received letters from readers.”

I guess this strong passion/calling, whatever you want to call it, runs strong in my blood and why only for short periods I can give it up. Like during the pregnancy of each of my children or the summer we moved across the Midwest or when my first husband died. It’s almost like a magnetic attraction and I can’t resist its pull.

And for some reason, I love old manual typewriters, either pictures of them or the real thing. And the sound of their keys clacking—is there a program for my laptop I could install? I almost bought an old Royal at an auction last year, but changed my mind. I doubt my fingers are strong enough to make one work! (my husband did later surprise me with one and it’s now in my office)

I’ll keep my fingers dancing across the keyboard, despite the quieter tapping, unless my calling changes.

Happy clacking, silently or otherwise! Do you like typewriters or prefer laptops, tablets or paper and pencil? Let us know in the comments.



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