Writing Time

I remember when I had a set time every morning and a block of time every week that was set apart for writing and nothing interrupted it. Those times were protected like they were precious hours – which they were.


Well, life has become strange and it has been a tough thing to get that solidly blocked out writing time of late. I could list the reasons – I took on a second job, I have a fairly major commute to my full-time job which I did not have previously – I could go on. But it really doesn’t matter what is on that list.

What we deem necessary we make time for.

And that’s the truth.

So then, I must ask myself how necessary I deem my writing time. My mind answers ‘VERY’ loudly and quickly and adamantly. But the times still slip away and get consumed by all the other necessaries.

The same could be said about anything that we feel should be a vital part of our day or week — cooking homemade meals, visiting an elderly relative, writing notes of thanks, spending time with family or friends, organizing the attic — how long could this list be?

The truth remains: what we deem necessary or vital or important, we make time for.

Starting again — I will make how I use of my hours reflect my priorities.

Do you have trouble with that as well? Is it just me? Boy, I hope it isn’t just me. Apparently, misery really does love company.


Patricia Meyers

2 thoughts on “Writing Time

  1. You are definitely not alone! Notice the lack of posts with my name on them. 🙂 However, I have been editing a novel, which is not the same thing as writing. But they do go together because one is dependent on the other. Great post, thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Among the important things that keep me from writing are l. looking at the ceiling 2. deciding whether to roll or fold the dish clothes before I put them away in the drawer 3. thinking that what I wanted to write is really awful. We all do that, but the wise ones keep writing anyway. Maybe I’ll be wise tomorrow…..

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