For the Study of Writing

Dear me there are so many good writing books, how can you choose one to write a review about? Well, I can’t.

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38 Common Mistakes is one of my favorites. It is helpful, truly helpful. I have referred back to it often. It is one of those that you really should have on your shelf. It says it is only 38, but it feels like much more. Your bookshelf should have a spot for this book.

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Self Publishing Attack by James Scott Bell is a wonderful work for those of us interested in self publishing. I have published my novel, Caitlin’s Summer Adventure. It is available both on Kindle and in paperback. And I have Mr. Bell to thank for assistance in my journey. This book is easily one of the most helpful books I have read on self publishing. The points are clearly explained and it has a positive energy that keeps you reading and re-energizes you for your project.

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First of the Father Tim novels – This is a fiction book, but I believe I gained more information about well written sentences and paragraphs than many books on writing. Jan Karon does a fabulous job in this book. It well worth the read for your writing self.

And I think before I close I really should mention Stephen King’s book “On Writing.” Goodness that is a meaty book. I truly believe anyone who is writing for a living or as a hobby would glean a dozen helpful tidbits from this book before getting halfway through.

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Sure, there are many more books on the subject and many more amazingly written fiction works that are helpful to writers, but I’d better stop here or this post would go on for a month.

Pat Meyers





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