Book Review: Writing Your Novel From the Middle by James Scott Bell

The title of this book is intriguing enough to plant a question in the mind of a writer to pick up and read the book to discover how anyone, be it even a seasoned writer such as James Scott Bell, could accomplish a task working from the middle back, and to the beginning forward while writing a novel. Thankfully that is not the concept of this book.

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In the first chapter he introduces us to a pantser and plotter and tweener and their trials as writers. Getting to know these three writers is the catalyst to knowing which one the reader identifies with and on this premise the revolutionary novel writing idea is fleshed out.

The concept is compelling enough for a serious writer to employ the task of writing a novel from the middle. Any pantser, plotter or tweener, already engaged in writing a novel will be challenged by employing this new tactic yet find it easy to grasp and integrate the ideas into their work in progress.

Mr. Bell gives us the underpinning secrets to structuring a novel. Each novel component he touches upon expands on another, from plot apex to character development. All the intricacies of novel are addressed but not expounded upon making this book more of a guide to jump start creativity, wherein an idea is added to the traditional processes of writing a novel much like newly developed building materials are introduced to strengthen and streamline the construction of a bridge.
Any writer who has not broken the invisible ceiling to writing a sought after novel or one who has yet to attempt writing a novel will benefit from reading Writing Your Novel From the Middle by James Scott Bell.



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