Round Robin – Part 2

Part Two of our Round Robin Story presented by Michelle:


Cathy paid the cashier for her cocoa and left the line, looking for a quiet table in a corner.  The bag she carried could pass for a book bag, and did in fact hold a few books as well as a notebook, so she blended in.  She spotted a group of giggling freshmen girls leaving a table in the back, and sped up to take it just in time.  She slid into a chair, hung her bag on the back, and sipped her cocoa.  Now what?  She didn’t see anyone she recognized.

Her phone beeped an incoming text.  She slid it out of her bag and thumbed open her message.

I know where you are.  Keep quiet.

She looked around the room again, a shiver crawling up her spine.  Several students had phones out, texting or reading messages.  But nobody she knew.

How did he know she was here?  She knew technology could be both a curse and a blessing.  Right now it was the former.  She had a thought and quickly left, leaving her cocoa on the table.  She headed for the technology building.  If she could find the right person, maybe she could find someone to help her.  She had money and she would use it to her advantage.

She adjusted her bag over her shoulder, glancing behind her every few minutes.  Luckily the campus had good lighting and she found the right building in no time.  She could see lights through the windows and quickly walked inside.

She followed a long hallway until she reached a door with light shining through to the hall.  She stopped at the doorway and peeked in.  It looked like a meeting of some kind.  Probably geeks anonymous or some such.  She dropped her bag, spilling out books and notebooks.  A couple young students came over and helped her pick up her things.

The one nearest her asked, “Are you looking for the Technology Tomorrow meeting?”

Cathy looked him in the eye and hoped she had the right kind of nerd she was looking for.

“Um, actually I was wondering if someone could help me with my phone.”  Her voice came out soft and shy and she brushed her blond hair off her face, giving him her best smile.

“Oh, sure.  What do you need?”  The one who asked about the meeting handed back her books and she slid them into her bag.  He was tall with short dark hair and a five o’clock shadow.  Handsome, if not slightly nerdy looking.  His companion handed over what he picked up and returned to the meeting with a shrug.

“I was wondering if the GPS thing was working in my phone?  Do you know what they look like?”  She slid out her phone and looked at it like she was trying to figure it out.

“Oh, sure.  It’s just a little chip.  Are you lost?”

She whispered, “No, but I don’t want to be found.”


1 thought on “Round Robin – Part 2

  1. Curious who *he* is. I’m also wondering, based on some of the wording if she is a student there or not – not having a book bag and trying to blend in. Nice working in of suspense & building tension. Like the line, “I don’t want to be found.”

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