Round Robin Story – Part 1

We decided to try a posting experiment! We are doing a Round Robin Story: one person begins the story and passes it to someone who passes it on and the 4th person must finish. Please read along the next 4 days and offer your feedback. Bev begins the story:


Part One:

Will God still love me no matter what I do?

The temperature dipped below her comfort level, and the sunset made everything seem cold even if it wasn’t.  Cathy felt as if she would burst if she couldn’t talk to someone soon. But who? Who would care to hear one word from her? She had carried this burden for too long now, and it was time to get rid of it.

She looked around the room. The school cafeteria teemed with people carrying their dinner trays and looking for tables. They laughed and chatted with their friends, relaxed and comfortable at the end of the school day. That made her feel even more the outsider. The stacks of books and rows of backpacks that lined the walls around the room just made her feel worse. How could she have made such a mistake? What would all these people think if they knew?

It all began so innocently. Even though it was over two years ago, she could remember the day vividly. Every single detail. She wore her brown suede boots with cream-colored tights and a brown leather jumper. It was her favorite outfit and had cost way too much. Lucky for her, she worked at the dress shop and got a discount and could use the store’s lay away plan. She paid for that jumper for six months before she got to wear it, but it was worth it. The double take Jim did when she walked by wearing it was worth a million bucks.

He wasn’t the most gorgeous man on campus, and he didn’t play football, but he had what her mother called “quality.” He just seemed to know the right thing to say and the right thing to do, and she was smitten from the start. It was a perfect day. He brought her a coffee and they talked about a book they both had to read for an English class. He asked her to go for a walk and they crunched their way through the autumn leaves and enjoyed the smells of fall in the air. They were together all day.



2 thoughts on “Round Robin Story – Part 1

  1. I like your use of details; they help create layers to the story – like the part about her outfit and how she bought it and where she wore it. So far, in the other two parts, Jim has not be referenced {at least by name}, so I’ll be interested to see if he comes back or factors in for the final writer.

    Would also love a bit more of Cathy – age, physical appearance.

    • Hi Judith!

      Thanks for visiting our group blog and reading our round robin. We had a lot of fun working on it and may do another in the future. There’s not a lot of detail, because most blog posts are short. So we kept each of our sections to 600 words (give or take) or less.

      Let us know how you like the ending.


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