Pros and cons of e-book versus printed version – the final chapter

We’ve been posting, over the last four days, what each of us wrote as we sat for our 30 minute prompt writing session using the prompt shown above. This is the fourth and final installment of the series:

“Thomas! Have you seen my glasses?” Dorothy called to her husband.

“Have you looked on the top of your head?” came the reply from the living room.

“Of course!” Dorothy answered running her fingers through her graying hair to see if they were indeed shoved on the top of her skull.

“Are they hanging around your neck?” Thomas’ rough voice told of his annoyance with being interrupted.

Dorothy looked at her blouse to see if she had stuck her glasses in one of her buttonholes or on the chain of her necklace.

“Not there either,” she called from the kitchen.

“Well, I give up,” he said.

“Come here then and tell me what this recipe says,” Dorothy requested.

“Can’t,” he said. “Busy. Use a cookbook on your Kindle. You can make the font large.”

“Good idea,” Dorothy said. She scanned the kitchen counters and table.

“Thomas?” she called. “Do you know where my Kindle is?”

“Is it on the counter?” he called loudly.


“Book shelf?”

“Nope,” Dorothy answered, her voice coming from the study.

“Bedside table?”

Dorothy turned and headed down the hall to the master suite. “It’s not here,” she yelled. “Are you sure it is not by your chair?”

“I haven’t seen it,” he replied.

Dorothy visited the bathroom, the laundry room and the screened-in back porch.

“Well, it’s nowhere,” she stated standing right next to her husband’s chair.

“Did you find your glasses on your search?” he asked, slightly lifting his eyes from the book he was reading.

“Huh. That would have been a nice reminder if you had said that while I was running hither and yon.”

“Go look in your car,” was his next suggestion.

“Good one!” Dorothy headed to the garage bouncing her head from left to right as if watching a ping pong match scanning surfaces as she passed through each room.

“No glasses, no Kindle,” she announced upon her return to the living room. “You don’t look extremely busy to me. Come read this recipe for me. One half teaspoon versus One half cup is going to make a major difference in the outcome.”

“Where did you have your Kindle last?” Thomas asked, not moving.

“We’re going to do this? You can assist me in either finding my glasses, reading the recipe, or finding my Kindle. What’ll it be?” Dorothy’s hands were firmly on her hips as she returned her husband’s stare.

“Ok, I’m coming.”

As Thomas rose from his brown leather reading chair he felt something slip beside him. “Oh, here’s your Kindle!”

“Excellent! Return to your book.”

Dorothy took her Kindle to the kitchen. She knew she had this recipe or one similar to it in one of the two dozen cookbooks she had downloaded.

“Now,” she talked out loud to herself. “I wonder how I’ll be able to know which cookbook it is in. I know which hard copy book it is in because I remember the cover.” She tried to think what the Kindle cover looked like as she waited for her e-reader to power up.

“Not the bread book or the soup book or the vegetarian book. Wait, maybe it was the vegetarian one. I have three vegetarian cookbooks. Red, blue, or green cover? Hmmmm maybe green. Now how do I make the font larger?” Click, beep, click, swish of the finger, click. “Curses! You can do this, Dorothy. Aha! Size – got it. I wish I had bookmarked the page. Which makes no sense. I don’t know how to bookmark a page. Or how to find my bookmarked pages. Let’s see, not this one, or this one, or this one. I don’t think this is the book.

“Back to my shelf. Leftover magic, snacks galore, paleo – whatever that is, family recipes, southern comfort, light and healthy! That’s it! Ok, contents. Drat! I have to make the type bigger again.” Click, beep, click, swish. “OOPS!” Click. “Dang it! I just did this. Oh, here it is. Voila! Big words.

“Now where is the recipe?” Click. “Not it.” Click. “Not it.” Click. “Not it.  I don’t think this is the book although this pasta dish sounds terrific. Maybe I’ll just bookmark it and try it another day. I forgot, I don’t know how to bookmark a page.” Click, click, tap, swish. “Here it is! Bookmarked. I’ll worry about finding it later. Back to searching.

“I found it!” Dorothy called out to her husband.

“Great!” came the less-than-enthusiastic reply.

“Ok,” Dorothy started gathering ingredients. “One teaspoon garlic. Do I have garlic?” Dorothy dug in her potato and onion basket and triumphantly pulled out a garlic clove. She minced it fine then scooped the garlicky bits into the bowl.

Turning back to her Kindle she was greeted with a “Connect to a power source” message.

“Thomas? Do you know where my power cord is?” she asked.

“We’re going out to eat!” he called, rising from his chair.

Dorothy and Thomas met at the door to the garage. Thomas reached into the bowl on the little table by the door to retrieve the car keys.

“Hey! I found your glasses!” he said.

by Pat Meyers


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