Now you’ve met us !


Hopefully you have had a moment to read our introductions. That is who we are. What we do is write. And laugh. And drink tea. And other stuff. But we write a lot and laugh even more.

This past Saturday was an outing day for Paddle Creek Writers. We weren’t five minutes from our meeting place when laughter was ringing out in the car. Oh my we laugh. If laughter is truly good medicine, we should be extremely healthy women.

We also write. And we continue to pursue our craft. We read, we share what we read (especially Michelle), we discuss, we challenge each other, and we write.

Over the years we have discovered the incredible benefit of using writing prompts to encourage our creative flow. Writing prompts force creativity. It’s kind of like when you have absolutely no money for groceries, payday isn’t for three days, so you have to get creative with what you have on hand. Suddenly you are a creative meal planner! It’s like that. It forces you.

When you are sitting around a table with three other people, tea cups filled, and the timer set; you have very few choices. Especially when everyone else’s pens are scribbling away. So you write. Sometimes it flows. Sometimes it does not. Sometimes it is awesome. And then there are the other times.

Regardless, you write. You discover creativity you would not have discovered otherwise. And sometimes it is just plain fun.

Recently we used our 30 minute time block to write on the following prompt: Pros and cons e-book vs printed version. The next four days we will post each of our ramblings. You will see for yourself how different four women’s response to a prompt can be.


Pat Meyers


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