Greetings from Pat


Pat Meyers

Hi! I’m Pat

I live in a little town in Illinois with my husband and a little, bossy toy poodle. The third of my three children moved out last year and we have been adjusting to a quiet house. Three grandchildren have stolen my heart, soon to be shared with a fourth. And I love to write.

Two decades of my life were spent as a children’s minister. Loving the kids, encouraging the workers, and building a great team of volunteers consumed what hours and mental space my family did not claim. I loved it all.

In 2003 God stirred me to launch out on my own as a speaker, writer, trainer, encourager; and I did. For five years I wrote materials for children’s ministry and children’s ministers and I spoke at conferences and churches across the country.

Then life took a turn. My kidneys failed and, boy oh boy, does that take over your life for a season. I was blessed with a kidney transplant by an awesome friend on June 24, 2010 and have been picking myself back up and getting back on the writing track ever since.

Through all these years my writer’s group, Paddle Creek Writers, has been a rock for me. They have encouraged me, cared about me, and challenged me. And they helped keep writing alive in my life when sickness and craziness attempted to drive it out.

One of the major tools we use to stir our creativity is to write for half an hour using a writing prompt. Thus, we were “prompted” to write our first book to encourage writers: Prompted To Write. You can find it on by clicking here:

My current writing resume consists of a number of books on Kindle supporting children’s ministers and home school families as well as … drum roll please … my first novel for young girls. Caitlin’s Summer Adventure is the first in a series. I am loving working on this series. (I know that is not appropriate grammar, but I really am loving it.) You can peek at my stuff by clicking on my Author Page.

Additionally, I have a blog whose sole purpose is to encourage children’s ministers. My passion is to help those whose heart is to minister to children to have the resources and help to do it well. Children’s ministry is tough when it is not going well, but awesome when it is! You can check it out at

Let us know how we can encourage you on your journey. This is an open and honest forum where you can share your frustrations, help other writers, and vent if you need to. You’re among friends. Writing friends. The best kind of friends!

Pat Meyers

Pat’s Amazon Author page

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